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No. 162, Wednesday 17 July 2013 

From NZ media this week 

Nurse graduates struggle to find jobs

One in three graduate nurses are unable to find jobs, but the Minister of Health denies too many are being trained. 

NZ First for UCOL nursing education
Nursing students at UCOL will now have the best of the best. 

Foundation Course in Cultural Competency continues to be available online for free
The Foundation Course in Cultural Competency was launched in June 2012 and provides a basic understanding of cultural competency and health literacy. The online training tool was developed by MauriOra Associates on behalf of the Ministry and is available free of charge through the MauriOra Associates website. 

Women have reproductive duty, says 'rhythm' doctor
A young woman was refused the birth control pill because she had not yet done her "reproductive job" 

Refusal to prescribe contraception raises wider concern about referral for care
 The Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand (ALRANZ) is alarmed that, according to a report in today’s Herald on Sunday, a Blenheim doctor refused to prescribed contraception to his patient, and it is calling on the Medical Council and other regulatory bodies to clarify their guidelines on so-called conscientious objection.

Diabetes meters under fire

Diabetics outraged at the quality of new blood testing meters say it is only a matter of time before they cause deaths. 

Health crusade gains strength

Fellow sufferers join Kiwi woman campaigning against surgical mesh makers, which she says caused her misery 

Push to make rest-home audits public

Rest home audits could soon be made public as the Government responds to pressure to make the facilities more accountable, although critics say there is still a long way to go. 

Growth rates of Pasifika children faster than expected
The growth rate of Pasifika children under 10 years of age is faster than expected says the lead researcher of a major AUT longitudinal study.

New Zealand named 12th most overweight country
New Zealand has been named and shamed as one of the fattest countries in the world. 

Autism New Zealand is excited to bring Stephen Shore to New Zealand
Autism New Zealand is proud to be hosting Stephen Shore in New Zealand where he will give a series of seminars in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. 

First New Zealand Population Health Congress
Three influential New Zealand health organisations are working together to organise the first New Zealand Population Health Congress to be held in Auckland next year. 

$1.1m health programme for under-5s
Pre-schoolers in Thames-Hauraki are to benefit from a $1.1 million Government investment to boost nutrition and activity levels for under-fives.

Voltaren comes with risk of heart attacks - Medsafe
Voltaren and other forms of diclofenac carry a risk of cardiovascular events including heart attacks and strokes, Medsafe has warned.

DHB specific 

'Gridlock' at hospitals as fee hikes bite

Hospital emergency departments are being swamped by patients with minor ailments who can't afford to see a GP. 

Health board eyes advertising in bid to save $45m

The aim is to save $45 million in a year.That's the target set by Counties Manukau District Health Board. 

Emergency department swamped

Waikato Hospital's emergency department is in "overload" mode - and is asking the public to stay clear unless they are in critical need.

Public health

Smoking to blame for premature births

Smoking during pregnancy has been linked to a higher-than-average number of premature births in the Waikato District Health Board area. 

New strategies to help stroke victims

Discoveries from University of Otago neuroscientists may help stroke victims in the future, Southlanders were told yesterday. 

Influenza-like-illnesses pestering plenty in NZ

Influenza-like-illnesses are pestering a lot of people this winter, but health experts say the flu virus is not the main culprit - yet. 

Dying for a drink: Alcohol cause of one in 20 deaths

Researchers hope report on New Zealand's drinking culture will be a wakeup call.Alcohol is the cause of more than one in 20 deaths of New Zealanders aged under 80, new research has found. Health groups blamed the figures on New Zealand's dangerous binge-drinking culture and hoped the University of Otago report would be a wake-up call for the Government. 

Alcohol strongly linked to cancer - study

Alcohol has been identified as one of the leading contributors to breast cancer deaths in a University of Otago study. 

Study examines fluoride, child development

Health data from New Zealand preschoolers is to be used to try to establish whether fluoride impedes child development. 

Jab for gay boys under study
Health initiative proposes vaccination priority for males from the age of 11 who identify as homosexual. 

Social health 

Food in schools bill delayed for second time
Mana Party leader Hone Harawira's food in schools bill will not come up in Parliament tonight - a second delay on the bill. 

Ageing population could cost, Treasury warn

Treasury is warning that rising costs associated with the ageing population and costlier healthcare will drive the Crown's books persistently into the red from 2020 onward unless current spending discipline is maintained or other measures such as tax increases are implemented. 

Welfare now has health warning

Benefits likened to addictive drug as new medical certificate urges GPs to avoid putting patients off work.

International media 

Nurses and midwives join allied health professionals against cap

Nurses and midwives have joined a growing alliance of doctors and allied health professionals calling on the Federal Government to axe the $2000 a year cap on tax deductibility for work-related self-education expenses. 

Handheld units help KC doctors manage patients’ data

A slip of paper at the nurses’ station indicated a certain medication dose was due for a patient. Dallas Fulton knew better. Actually, his hand-held computer knew better. 

Govt to double prostate cancer nurses

Men with prostate cancer and their families will benefit from a doubling of the number of specialist prostate cancer nurses in Australia.

Liverpool care pathway for dying patients to be scrapped after review
Report expected to recommend phasing out system for terminally ill patients after claims it is being used to hasten death 

Mental health 

Suicide fears spark action

Federated Farmers is worried the stress caused by drought, snow, flooding and continuing poor returns will push more farmers to the brink of suicide and it is working to help those in contact with farmers to recognise the danger signs. 

Articles of interest 

Lighting the Fire With Mentoring Relationships

Nurse Educator - Featured Journal
August 2013 
Volume 38  Number 4
Pages 157 - 163
Mentoring provides fuel to advance nursing science and ensure a growing cadre of career nurse scientists. With the demand for well-prepared nursing faculty in the area of academic geriatrics, mentoring by expert faculty provides an optimal opportunity for retention and growth of junior faculty. Reflecting on 2 years of a mentoring relationship in the Hartford Building Academic Geriatric Nursing Capacity (BAGNC) postdoctoral scholar program, the BAGNC Claire M. Fagin Fellowship, the authors describe the desired attributes of mentoring relationships that were beneficial to the career of the mentored junior faculty member and were satisfying to the mentors. From the perspective of mentors and mentee, the authors describe the stages of a mentoring relationship and the ingredients of this transforming experience, as well as barriers, challenges, rewards, and lessons learned. 

Diffusion of a Nursing Education Innovation: Nursing Workforce Development Through Promotion of RN/BSN Education
Nurse Educator - Featured Journal
August 2013 
Volume 38  Number 4
Pages 152 – 156
Despite state, national, and organizational objectives to increase the proportion of nurses with a bachelor's degree or higher, a majority of nurses hold an associate's degree in nursing. To address the need for a better-prepared nursing workforce in this rural state, an RN/BSN recruitment and retention project was implemented. The authors discuss the Leadership Education to Advance Practice project and its outcomes.  

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