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on 27 October

Welcome to the College of Nurses – News Update.No. 31 – 27 October 2010  

From the NZ media this week  

New-guidelines-likely-for-CPR  New overseas guidelines for CPR telling rescuers to focus on heart compressions rather than mouth-to-mouth are likely to be adopted here.http://bit.ly/9G2eNJ 

Nurses Support Minister's Statement On Health Union Rights The New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) supports Health Minister, Tony Ryall's statement that he will not reconsider the rights of health unions to take strike action. He has said that laws allowing medical workers to take strike action will neither be reviewed nor changed.http://bit.ly/dokOlB 

Nurse Practitioners Now Able To Complete Medical Certificates  The New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) is delighted nurse practitioners (NPs) are now able to complete medical certificates for sickness beneficiaries. The Ministry of Social Development recently included NPs among the health practitioners able to complete medical certificates for Sickness Benefit applications and renewals. Doctors, dentists and midwives already do so.http://bit.ly/9QdnXo 

Doctors-face-age-problems-council-warns  Ageing doctors could make poor decisions or struggle to maintain their thinking capacity, the Medical Council is warning. http://bit.ly/arbPp2 

Nurses support Fairness at Work  The New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) is holding paid union meeting in district health boards (DHBs) right around the country to support national Fairness at Work actions happening today.http://bit.ly/9eMrvG 

The right health information to the right people at the right time  Learning Media Ltd, Quigley and Watts Ltd and Te Rau Matatini have joined forces through a Memorandum of Understanding to establish Te Mura – the Health Literacy Alliance. Signed during International Health Literacy Month (October), the Alliance hopes to raise awareness of the need to improve health literacy in New Zealand – and the services required to do so.http://bit.ly/cxazaG  

ProCare Health and St John announce strategic partnership AUCKLAND – 20 October 2010 – ProCare Health and St John have signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement to identify a range of health initiatives they can work together on to improve the health of Aucklanders, including clinical and provider pathways, after-hours, 24/7 triage and resource utilisation.http://bit.ly/aYl1J8 

Health law passed with unanimous support  The New Zealand Public Health and Disability Amendment bill has passed its third reading in the House of Representatives - with unanimous support from all parties.http://bit.ly/bkUZ2h 

Wide-powers-to-revitalise-te-reo  New powers recommended for a revamped Maori Language Commission would see it able to censure and "name and shame" government agencies, councils, health boards and schools that are not doing enough to revitalise te reo Maori. http://bit.ly/9jWTzv 

EN changes prompt revised delegation guidelines  Updated guidelines on direction and delegation are out for consultation in the wake of the widened enrolled nurse scope of practicehttp://bit.ly/9RvVzy 

Rural Innovation funding round opens  Rural nurses are again invited to apply to the $300,000 Rural Innovation Fund for grants for one-off projects to improve rural health.http://bit.ly/aZLT64 

Scotland's hatchet man tasked with improving Health  Dr Kevin Woods is a man unafraid to make unpopular decisions, as thousands of people in Scotland will attest.http://bit.ly/aIGzPq 

Rural Women New Zealand rejects ‘Post Code’ healthcare Rural Women New Zealand is very concerned about the impact on rural communities of a predicted 24 percent shortfall in health workers by 2021, highlighted in a recently released Ministry of Health Report.http://bit.ly/a0B04u 

New-research-for-bed-sleeping-bubs  Babies have higher temperatures and more frequent "short pauses" in their breathing when they share their parents' bed, according to new research into the causes of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). http://bit.ly/9ubZzO 

On course for more Pasifika nurses  Pacific people are less likely to move into nursing than most other gorups. Rowena Orejana reports on latest attempts to change this.http://bit.ly/d4yeLh 

Tariana Turia  New Zealand Nurses Organisation Te Runanga o Aotearoa NZNOIn 1896, Tutakangahau stood at a tangi in Maungapohatu and addressed the people:http://bit.ly/aKhqyJ 

Call for cost cutting for return-to-nursing courses  Cutting cost barriers by funding return-to-nursing programmes for New Zealand-trained nurses, is one recommendation of the Return to Nursing Practice Project.http://bit.ly/dx14Fi 

Security reviewed after patient leaves with baby  Auckland District Health Board is reviewing its security procedures after a mental health unit inmate at Auckland Hospital was able to leave nearby Starship Children's Hospital with her newborn baby.http://bit.ly/bMmR2b  

From international media sources 

Botched referrals cost district nurses five hours each  Each mismanaged referral to a district nurse wastes five hours of their time, according to initial findings from one of the country’s first major studies into community nursing productivity.http://www.nursingtimes.net/5020576.article?referrer=e26 

CNO acts to ensure nursing voice is heard  The chief nursing officer for England Dame Christine Beasley has moved to try and ensure nurses have a voice in NHS spending decisions when commissioning responsibility shifts from primary care trusts to GPs.http://www.nursingtimes.net/5020589.article?referrer=e26 

Specialist shift a waste of cash Moving clinical nurse specialists to general duties will cost the NHS more in the long run than keeping them in their specialist roles, according to a report by major cancer organisations.http://www.nursingtimes.net/5020556.article?referrer=e26 

Setback for advanced nurses  The government is turning a blind eye to compliance with the European working time directive – a move set to affect thousands of advanced nurse practitioners who have stepped into gaps left by junior doctors.http://www.nursingtimes.net/5020573.article?referrer=e26 

Fewer Fiji nurses go overseas to work  The Fiji Nurses Association says there’s been a big drop in the number of nurses looking for employment abroad.http://www.rnzi.com/pages/news.php?op=read&id=56542 

Few Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants Pursue Careers In Pediatric Health Care  Pediatric health care work force planning efforts are increasingly incorporating the roles of nurse practitioners and physician assistants, especially in plans to alleviate the perceived shortage of pediatric subspecialists...http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/205036.php 

OR Deaths Drop After Surgical Staff Adopt Aviation Crew Teamwork Practices  Researchers in the US found that surgical deaths dropped in hospitals where operating room (OR) staff had taken part in a training program that taught them the practices of aviation crews, including aspects of teamwork and...http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/205205.php 

Rebates for Mental Health Nurses  The Royal College of Nursing, Australia (RCNA) is calling on the government to review the current items listed under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) to include a wider range of mental health care services provided by specialist nurses and professionals other than doctorshttp://bit.ly/dBP1FF 

Full RCN membership for HCAs rejected  The Royal College of Nursing has voted not to make changes to its constitution that would have allowed health care assistants to become full members of the organisation.http://www.nursingtimes.net/5020742.article?referrer=e1 

Queensland predicts “disastrous” job shortfall for new graduates in 2011  Up to a thousand of Queensland’s graduate nurses could be turned away from public health jobs at the start of 2011, predicts the state’s nursing union.http://bit.ly/as9ACE 

School Of Nursing Offers 'Harm Reduction Strategies' For Long Work Shifts  University of Maryland School of Nursing researchers say nurses in hospitals and other health care facilities may perform better by following the lead of airlines, trucking, and nuclear plants, by limiting hours of service, ensuring prompt and definite breaks during shifts, and other scheduling strategies.

Nursing Salaries Still Falling  Approximately 2,000 U.S. nurse leaders revealed a near $4,000 decrease in annual salary, according to a survey in a recent issue of Nursing Management, The Journal of Excellence in Nursing Leadership. The journal is published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, a part of Wolters Kluwer Health, a leading provider of information and business intelligence for students, professionals, and institutions in medicine, nursing, allied health, and pharmacy.http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/205302.php 

Spending review will lead to strain on health services, warns RCN  The real terms rise in NHS spending “will still feel like a cut”, according to the Royal College of Nursing.http://www.nursingtimes.net/5020757.article?referrer=e1   

Public health

Concerns about diabetes programme  Health Minister Tony Ryall is concerned that the Diabetes Get Checked programme is not reaching enough of the people it is designed to be helping.http://bit.ly/9j0UrA 

Tourists-introduced-nasty-bug  An associate professor of public health says tourists probably introduced a disease prevalent in developing countries to the Southern Lakes.http://bit.ly/dnt5Pz 

Maori health message spread   A major Maori health conference in Martinborough has been spreading the word about healthy eating and exercise this week, while showing off the charms of South Wairarapa.http://bit.ly/9EuaN7 

Obesity surgery in line for $2m funding boost  The Government is expected to announce a significant increase in its spending on obesity surgery.http://bit.ly/bnb1sv 

Drink driving: Stop the carnage  The Government believes New Zealand drivers aren't ready to moderate their drinking. We know they are. So take responsibility for keeping our roads safe by signing up: Two Drinks Max.http://bit.ly/cDIpYU 

Recall of Novo Nordisk?s GlucaGen HypoKit By Medsafe Acting Group Manager Susan Martindale.  For the second time this year, medicine manufacturer Novo Nordisk is recalling a defective batch of GlucaGen HypoKit, which is used to treat severe hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) in people using insulin or taking tablets to control their diabetes.http://bit.ly/dfQJrd 

Workplace issues 

Gill South: Change by encouraging ideas - not by giving orders  Staff frequently come up with the answers you need, says expert with an international track record.http://bit.ly/bPRYGE 

Articles of interest 

How to build an ED charge nurse training program  Nursing Management: October 2010 - Volume 41 - Issue 10 - p 49–51
ED visits increased from 93.3 to 110.2 million per annum, while at the same time, the amount of 24-hour EDs decreased 12% and wait times increased 36%, which led to 150% longer wait times for ED patients suffering from heart attacks.  1 Because the ED process is complex, most, if not all, EDs use a charge nurse to assist in the safe and efficient delivery of patient care.http://bit.ly/b4GxtF 

New publications  

The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health
10/20/10  The National Academies Press
The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health
The Future of Nursing explores how nurses' roles, responsibilities, and education should change significantly to meet the increased demand for care that will be created by health care reform and to advance improvements in America's increasingly complex health system. ...http://www.nap.edu/catalog.php?record_id=12956    


Smokefree Nurses, working towards a healthier New Zealand  The Smokefree Nurses website, constructed by nurses for nurses, pulls together practical, helpful information so that New Zealand nurses have a one-stop-shop to help them deliver effective smoking cessation programmes. This site contains a wealth of evidence-based information, tools, networking opportunities, and personal stories that support the valuable role nurses play in helping clients to quit smoking.http://www.smokefreenurses.org.nz/ 

Professional development 

Please find attached an invitation to the 2010 Sir David Hay Oration, “Prevention: An Investment in Health”  which will be delivered in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch on the 9, 10 and 11 of November.  This year’s speaker is Professor Mike Daube. Mike is Professor of Health Policy at Curtin University, Perth, and Director of the Public Health Advocacy Institute of Western Australia. He is also deputy chair of the Australian National Preventative Health Taskforce.  You can find out more about his work on the Heart Foundation’s website here.   The Heart Foundation would appreciate it if you could distribute this invitation to others in your teams and networks who would be interested in this presentation. The invitation can also be printed off and displayed on notice boards. The times and locations for the 2010 Sir David Hay Oration are listed on the attached invitation. +++++  In addition to the Sir David Hay Oration, Professor Daube will also be leading a workshop/discussion in all three centres on: ‘Public Health Advocacy – What works and how to do it.’ Since 1973 Mike has been a  leading player in  public health, health policy and health advocacy in Australia, the UK and internationally, through widely differing political and social periods. This discussion will be a unique opportunity to enhance your knowledge and strengthen your skills in what has been termed ‘a neglected discipline of public health practice.’   

‘Public Health Advocacy – What works and how to do it’  

Auckland – Tuesday 9 November, 3.30pm Sorrento in the Park – Pohutukawa Room, One Tree Hill Domain.Afternoon tea provided 
Wellington – Wednesday 10 November, 12pm Small Lecture Theatre, University of Otago – Wellington,School of Medicine & Health Sciences, 23 Mein St, Newtown, Wellington. 
Christchurch Thursday 11 November, 3pm Mancan House Conference Centre, Corner of Manchester Street & Cambridge TerracePlease note: Entrance to the building and car parking is from Cambridge Terrace  Refreshments from 2.30pm 

Please put these dates in your diary (If you plan to attend one of these public health workshops it would be helpful if you could RSVP to: VeronicaL@heartfoundation.org.nz   by November 5. ) 

******** NZ Social Statistics Network is offering a range of summer semester courses Summer Programme offering courses in social research methods and research technology is hosted by NZSSN each year. Modelled on the ACSPRI short course programmes, the NZSSN summer programme is designed to cater to fundamental, changing and emerging research strategies, and to serve a wide variety of needs for training and professional development within the academic, public and private sectors. Courses cater not only to researchers in the social and political sciences, but also to those in areas such as the behavioural sciences, medical and health sciences, epidemiology, policy research, education, economics, law, management, marketing, public relations and human resource management.For more information go to: http://www.nzssn.org.nz/about 

******* 17th International Conference of the Nursing Network on Violence Against Women (NNVAWI)
Stopping Violence: Innovations & Partnerships for Sustainable Change
16th - 18th February 2011
Heritage Hotel, Auckland New Zealand 

The above information has been collated for the College of Nurses Aotearoa (NZ) Inc by Linda Stopforth,  SNIPS (stop4th@xtra.co.nz)  and is provided on a weekly basis.  It is current as at  Wednesday 27  October 2010.  If you have any feedback about content - what parts are most useful or what you would like added - please email admin@nurse.org.nz

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