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No. 172, Wednesday 2 October 2013

From NZ media this week 

Nursing shortage forecast in New Zealand

New Zealand is expected to experience a nursing shortage of around 15,000 nurses within 22 years.

More funding for low cost GP practices
Health Minister Tony Ryall has today announced the government will invest an extra $16 million over four years to support general practices offering low-cost doctors' visits to some of our most vulnerable communities.

Health Minister’s announcement on more funding for low cost GP practices

Professor Jenny Carryer (Massey University, and College of Nurses Aotearoa (NZ) Inc) is delighted to see the Health Ministers statement today on the increase in funding to VLCA practices who are struggling to provide care to some of New Zealand's most vulnerable people. Minister Ryall is to be congratulated for recognising the importance of pre-emptive primary health care for those living with financial deprivation.

Extra nurses in rural primary care encouraging – NZRGPN
The New Zealand Rural General Practice Network is excited about the prospect of seeing more new graduate nurses being supported to work in primary care. 

Nurse questions standard of care before teen died
An accident and emergency nurse has queried the standard of medical care given to a dying Tauranga teenager immediately after she crashed in a Northland speedway race. 

Midwife suspended after handing over care to graduate
A Wanganui midwife who handed over care of some of her patients to a graduate midwife in a "loose arrangement" has been censured and suspended from practising for six months. 

Inmates' ill-health can be 'extreme'
Prison officials have rejected criticism of jail health care centres following calls for a commission of inquiry into their service.

The increase in the incidence of suicide in the elderly - Social Wellbeing Strategy
Recent reports have shown a significant rise in the suicide rate for people over the age of eighty. The NZ Society of Diversional Therapists Inc. is concerned at this trend. 

Symptom checker phone app launched
New Zealanders will have even easier access to free health advice through the new Healthline symptom checker phone application. 

Gel could help sick babies: study

Newborn babies around the world are to benefit from groundbreaking research at Waikato Hospital.Th 2008 to 2010 investigation by Waikato neonatal nurse practitioner Dr Deborah Harris and Dr Phil Weston, known as the Sugar Babies Study, was published today in The Lancet. 

Uncertified midwife suspended

A Whanganui woman who practised midwifery without a current certificate and failed to appropriately handover clients has been suspended 

Adviser guilty of helping dupe nurse

An immigration adviser who told a businessman he could "clip the ticket" on fees paid by migrant rebuild workers has been found guilty of helping dupe a Filipino nurse into paying thousands of dollars for an English-language programme the adviser had a financial interest in. 

Baby given to wrong mum

A nurse has been stood down as a hospital investigates how a premature baby was taken from isolation and handed to a stranger

Aged care

Flood of rest home complaints
A horrified woman found dementia patients in her father's rest home strapped to dining room chairs, while another elderly resident tried to cut them free with a knife. 

Who would have thought you could die of loneliness?
Chronic loneliness is as big a health risk as smoking, drinking and obesity, but with nowhere near the same level of funding to address the issue, says Age Concern New Zealand.

Mental health 

High-level review into suicide prevention likely

A new report has found there were 134 suspected suicides reported last year within 28 days of patients having contact with mental health and addictions services.

Serious mental health failures documented

A Wellington mental health patient who slipped his minders and stabbed a stranger several times is one of 177 patients involved in serious adverse events nationwide.

Online pre-birth classes lift risk of depression, say NZ educators

A British hospital has scrapped traditional antenatal classes in favour of online tutorials, a format New Zealand childbirth educators say would increase postnatal depression.

Public health

Welly DHBs working to stamp out rheumatic fever
District health boards across the Wellington region are working hard to stamp out rheumatic fever. 

Pathway to the breath of life
The National Maori Tobacco Control Leadership Service has unveiled its official name. The service will be called Te Ara Ha Ora or pathway to the breath of life. The naming process was undertaken by esteemed kaumatua Amster Reedy. “We met with Amster Reedy after gathering feedback from community and the tobacco control sector. We shared their thoughts with Amster and the new name emerged. Amster is respected for his long-time involvement in the sector so we feel honoured to have him as part of the naming" says Zoe Hawke, Kaiwhakahere of the service.

Kiwi kids exposed to secondhand smoke in cars
Almost a quarter of Kiwi kids are being exposed to secondhand smoke in vehicles, a new study shows.

Gareth Morgan wants tax on unhealthy food
Unhealthy processed foods should be taxed at a higher rate than healthier options as a way to combat the country's obesity, Gareth Morgan says. 

Obesity epidemic sparks sleep apnoea

Sleep apnoea is taking your breath away  

Progress on healthy food policies under the microscope
The escalating obesity epidemic has led an international group of nutrition researchers to focus on measuring how much progress countries are making in implementing healthy food policies. 

Education key to sugar problem, says principal
Educating families on healthy diet choices is more effective than a proposed tax on sugary drinks to fight obesity, a Wairarapa principal says. 

“Appetite for Destruction”: A new book with attitude – but also strong science
Gareth Morgan is known as a smart economist and a bit of a stirrer of public debate.  Think domestic cat control to save birds. Think “Big Kahuna” on social policy. And think “Health Cheque”, a review of prioritisation in the health services. But he, and his economist co-author Geoff Simmons, actually apply a very careful analysis before they get in your face with their solutions.

Social health 

Pokies a mayoral dilemma

Kaitaia GP Dr Lance O'Sullivan had a blunt message for the mayoral candidates in Kaitaia on Saturday - if they could or would not address the problems caused by poker machines, they would have to take responsibility for preventable diseases and even deaths. 

Prescription costs could be fatal

As families struggle more and more to put food on the table, collecting vital prescriptions might be the casualty. 

Kids at risk of rheumatic fever top priority in housing policy

Children at risk of rheumatic fever will become the top priority in a new state housing policy announced today. 

International media 

Compassion isn't the key to NHS failings according to UEA report

Compassion is not the answer to systemic failings within the NHS, according to a medical ethics expert from the University of East Anglia.

Nurses Prone to Injuries With Heavier Patients

Loretta Pierce is only 46, but she has already retired from nursing in favor of a desk job.After years of lifting heavy patients and equipment that resulted in a herniated disc, she said she knew her body just couldn't handle the work anymore.

Online resources

Quality improvement made simple
Improving quality is about making healthcare safe, effective, patient-centred, timely, efficient and equitable. In the history of the NHS, there has never been a greater focus on improving the quality of health services.This guide focuses on one important element of the quality agenda: quality improvement. It looks in particular at what are known as organisational or industrial approaches to quality improvement. These aim to bring about a measurable improvement by applying specific methods within a healthcare setting.This is not a ‘how to’ guide. Instead, it offers a clear explanation of some common approaches used to improve quality, including where they have come from, their underlying principles and their efficacy and applicability within the healthcare arena.It is written for a general healthcare audience and will be most useful for those new to the field of quality improvement, or those wanting to be reminded of the key points. 

How To Look After Your Mental Health In Later Life

Some people think that mental health problems are simply a part of getting older. This doesn't have to be the case. This booklet is for people in their 60s who are approaching retirement or who have recently retired from work and gives 10 practical ways we can protect our mental health. During these big changes it's important to take care of ourselves both mentally and physically.

Publications and Reports online 

Release of The Future Nursing Workforce report

The Nursing Council of New Zealand is delighted to announce the release of the report: The Future Nursing Workforce, Supply Projections 2010 - 2035. Copies of the full report together with an Executive summary and fact sheet can be found here: 

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