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No. 179, Wednesday 20 November 2013

 From NZ media this week

Cancer nurse coordinator role shifts focus to patients

Having spent the past six months focused on improving the Whanganui District Health Board's (WDHB) reporting system for patients undergoing diagnosis and treatment for cancer, Andrea Dempsey-Thornton is now shifting her focus to the support of patients and their families through the challenges ahead.

CDHB opens new hospital unit for student nurses

Burwood Health Campus became the first in the country to offer enrolled nursing students hands-on experience in theatre patient care in a joint initiative between CPIT and Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) which started on 11 November. Six enrolled nursing students from CPIT are gaining valuable experience in perioperative care, which refers to looking after patients before, during and after surgery, in a Dedicated Education Unit (DEU).

Diabetes education boosted by international recognitionDiabetes awareness received a boost this week after the Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) and the Waikato Regional Diabetes Service gained international recognition for their diabetes education programmes. 

New Zealand nurses learning from Arizona counterparts

PHOENIX -- A group of nursing leaders from New Zealand are in the Valley this week, learning how Arizona assesses its nurses.

Whitireia Nursing and Health Journal turns 20

First published in 1993, the Nursing and Health Journal is published by the Whitireia Faculty of Health in collaboration with the Whitireia Publishing programme. 

Early intervention 'crucial' to improving child health
Ninety per cent of pregnant women would be registered for maternity care by their 10th week of pregnancy if recommendations from an inquiry into children's health and child abuse are taken up. 

Call for bold changes on children's health issues
Up to 90 per cent of pregnant women will have to get an antenatal check within 10 weeks if the Government proceeds with bold recommendations made in a major inquiry into children's health and child abuse.

Children's Health: Shift focus to care of young - MPs
Cross-party inquiry comes up with strong message for change from emphasis on caring for people late in life. 

Child abuse report urges sexual health services overhaulChild health experts are lauding a parliamentary report which calls for sweeping reforms to reduce the high rates of child abuse. 

Cardiac unit to move to North Shore in restructure
West Auckland will be left without a Coronary Care Unit as Waitakere Hospital's cardiology ward is restructured early next year. 

Benefits of Rural Life Revealed for Future Health ProfessionalsEncouraging the next generation of rural health professionals is the goal of a ground-breaking project being run in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

Public health

New Zealand Society for the Study of Diabetes (NZSSD) calls for more to be done to halt the diabetes epidemic
Diabetes is a common chronic disease with significant morbidity, mortality and healthcare costs. “Seven per cent of New Zealand’s adult population aged 15 years and over has diabetes,” says Dr Jeremy Krebs, President of the NZ Society for the Study of Diabetes (NZSSD).

Immunisation rates better for all

There has been an unprecedented increase in the Maori immunisation rates over the past four years. 

NZ’s Most Invisible Sexually Transmitted Infection Goes Public
Sex is the most talked about subject of the 21st Century. But unfortunately, there’s deathly silence on the inevitable hidden health risks. Breaking the silence, The New Zealand HPV Project, says 8 out of 10 New Zealanders will be affected by genital HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), a sexually transmitted infection (STI), at some point. Keen to dispel the myths surrounding the most common yet most invisible STI, the project is launching its new website – – a user-friendly, one-stop source of information and advice.

World COPD Day is November 20
If you’re coughing or breathless, ‘It’s not too late’ to stop smoking and see your GP.With World COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) Day approaching on 20 November, the Asthma Foundation is urging smokers and ex-smokers who have breathing difficulties to stop smoking and talk to their GP or contact the nearest asthma society.

Call for stronger alcohol warnings

Strong warning labels should be placed on all beer, wine and spirits as part of a plan to stop pregnant mothers from drinking, MPs say.

Social health

Salvation Army calls for social housing overhaul

The Salvation Army is calling for an overhaul of New Zealand's social housing policy, saying a third of New Zealanders are struggling to secure adequate and affordable housing. 

Free Insulation Creates Healthier Homes

A new healthy homes initiative has recently been launched by the Government targeting low-income households for free home insulation. 

International media

Nursing cuts putting NHS patients at risk, says new study

Royal College of Nursing claims that as many as one in six nursing posts at some NHS hospitals are lying vacant

Advanced practice registered nurses could prescribe drugs without doctor under Michigan bill
LANSING — Certain nurses with additional training could prescribe drugs without doctor approval under a controversial bill approved by the Michigan Senate on Wednesday. 

Articles of interest
Science for action-based nursing
A recent Lancet editorial by Clark et al. (2012) highlighted the gap in nursing between evidence and practice. In this editorial, we explore one of the reasons why this gap may exist in parts of Europe. According to our experience, especially in countries where English is not the first language, we confirm the findings reported by Milner et al. (2005) that nurses' use of research-based evidence tends to decrease with the increase of their working seniority. The main reasons for this are that senior nurses very often have difficulty understanding English-language publications, they lack confidence in assessing the quality of research due to the different type of education they received, and they prefer to use self-experienced knowledge because of their many years of practice. According to Dalheim et al. (2012), evidence-based practice could be successfully implemented if barriers, such as the ones reported above, are identified and removed

Diabetes- a significant contributor to complications in cardiac surgery: how and when to optimise glycaemic control
The aim is to present the literature on the association between pre-operative hyperglycaemia and post-operative complications and to review the current interventions (pre surgery, peri /intra- and post-operatively) in those with diabetes undergoing cardiac surgery. .

Effective communication at change of shift
Nursing2013 Critical Care
September 2013 
Volume 8  Number 5
Pages 22 – 24
Have you ever finished a change-of-shift report and still only knew the patient's name? Entered a room to find the I.V. bag empty and the indwelling urinary catheter drainage bag full? Started your day with trips to the radiology department that you didn't know were scheduled, or why? Let's face it: we've all received or given a less than ideal change of shift report at some point in our nursing careers

Publications and Reports online

Inquiry into improving child health outcomes and preventing child abuse, with a focus from preconception until three years of age (Volumes 1 and 2)
(I.6A) (18 November 2013)(as reported by the Health Committee)You can get this document in PDF format from the 'Downloads' panel.

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