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Welcome to the College of Nurses – News Update.
No. 199 Wednesday 23 April 2014

From NZ media this week

Expert nurses diagnose 'same way as doctors'
Patients can trust expert nurses as much as doctors to diagnose tricky health complaints, according to Massey University research.

Nurse cleared over $300,000 will dispute
Woman did not act unethically says health watchdog, despite children's evidence.

 Midwife censured over lapsed certificate
A midwife has been censured for continuing to care for expectant parents after her practising certificate lapsed.

 Nurse takes step back to caring
Timaru woman claims New Zealand first for nursing
For Timaru registered nurse Anah Aikman, becoming an integrative nurse coach - the first to be certified outside the United States - has renewed her pride in being a nurse.

Nurses struggle to find work
Almost 500 Kiwis who qualified as registered nurses last year are struggling to find work. They say their quest for employment is being made more difficult because migrants are being given preference over them for jobs.
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Nurses don wigs to promote better health
Staff at East Tamaki Healthcare general practices have been donning wigs, wings, hula skirts and decorating clinics in a bid to encourage their patients to take more notice of improving their health.

 International media

Expand nursing and allied health roles: report
xpanding the roles of nursing assistants, registered nurses and allied health assistants could shave almost $430 million a year from public hospital budgets, according to a new report.

Rural telehealth needs holistic team based focus
While early adoption of mobile devices and their associated technologies in rural general practice has boosted the uptake of telehealth, the sector needs to turn from a focus on doctors to a focus on patients and communities through a team based, holistic approach, according to a leading expert.

 Initiative creates a positive introduction to aged care
Many nursing students often set their sights on exciting specialities but now a new initiative is working to address the negative perceptions around nursing in aged care.

 ESCAPE Trial Finds Nurse-Led Pain Therapy Beneficial
A new research paper highlights the psychological distress seen in people who have chronic pain, and discusses different ways by which support from nurses and other people in the patients’ lives can reduce this suffering (Mil Med 2014;179:1-26).

 Nurses move beyond patient bedside in research efforts
Why, wondered neuroscience nurse Angela Starkweather, did some patients still have pain?

Connection between Nurse Staffing and Patient Outcomes Can Be Made in All Hospital Clinical Areas with Expanded Measures
The nation’s largest database assessing nursing care quality has expanded its measures of nurse staffing to the entire clinical practice area of hospitals by adding several new patient care unit types.

 Articles of interest

Development and Validation of a Computerized Assessment Form to Support Nursing Diagnosis
Describe the development and validation of the Nursing Assessment Form (NAF), within a clinical nursing information system, to support nurses in the identification of nursing diagnoses.

Measuring the nursing work environment: translation and psychometric evaluation of the Essentials of Magnetism
Translate the Essentials of Magnetism II© (EOMII; Dutch Nurses' Association, Utrecht, The Netherlands) and assess its psychometric properties in a culture different from its origin.

The EOMII, developed in the USA, measures the extent to which organizations/units provide healthy, productive and satisfying work environments. As many healthcare organizations are facing difficulties in attracting and retaining staff nurses, the EOMII provides the opportunity to assess the health and effectiveness of work environments.

 "The evolution of nursing in general practice: a comparative analysis of workforce surveys ten years on" is an article recently published in BMC Family Practice by Elizabeth Halcomb et al.  It describes the current demographic and employment characteristics of Australian nurses working in general practice, and trends over time.

Online resources

Emergency Nurses AssociationWelcome to the ENA Workplace Violence Toolkit, designed specifically for the emergency department manager or designated team leader to develop and implement a comprehensive plan that addresses your needs related to managing violent behaviors in the emergency department and protecting your staff.


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