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From NZ media this week

Farm skills lead to medical innovation
Growing up on a farm gave a Taranaki orthopaedic nurse the practical skills that led to her invention of a revolutionary piece of medical equipment.

The icing on the cake for Blanche
Graduating with a Bachelor's degree in nursing was enough of an achievement to make Blanche Frost happy, but winning the 2013 New Zealand Nurses' Organisation Whakawatea Taonga was the icing on the cake.

Health minister thanks nurses for their dedication
Health Minister Tony Ryall today acknowledged the country’s nurses for their dedication, compassion and professionalism.

International Nurses Day recognised
The work of nurses and the changing nature of that work is being highlighted on International Nurses Day.
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Simple mission drives decades of dedication
Jo Lightfoot set out on a nursing career because she simply wanted to help people. Her mission has not changed, 28 years on.

Brenda Pearson is Waikato's Nurse of the Year
Brenda Pearson wanted to mark the milestone of turning 50 by joining her sister Vanessa sipping champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower while watching the sunset over Paris.'s-nurse-of-the-year.aspx

Lakes DHB names top nurses and midwives
Nurses and midwives prepared to go the extra mile have been recognised by the Lakes District Health Board.

Nelson nurses blazed a trail
It's International Nurses Day on Monday - which doubles as Florence Nightingale's birthday! The following is taken from a profile on Annette Milligan in Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand, and is reproduced in the Nelson Mail with their permission.

 Paediatric enrolled nurse still passionate after 36 years
Ask Kate Phillips if she enjoys nursing and the answer comes in one word, "passionately".
The Hamilton enrolled nurse doesn’t even call what she does a job, to her it is a vocation something she feels privileged to be doing four days a week at Waikato Hospital.

There's more to good nursing than meets the eye
Being a medical centre nurse means having to be ready for anything. Just ask Marianne Lock, who is part of the team at Hamilton's Anglesea Clinic.
"It can be very demanding. You have to have a very wide range of medical skills because any situation could come through those doors at any time.

Praising our wonderful nursing staff
Southern DHB nurses are being congratulated and praised even more than usual on Monday (May 12), as they celebrate International Nurses Day.

 MidCentral District Health Board celebrates International Nurses Day
International Nurses Day is Monday 12 May, and MidCentral District Health Board and Central PHO want to recognise the fantastic contribution that close to 2000 nurses make every day of the year within the district.

Thanks nurses! International Nurses Day 12 May - NZNO
Monday 12 May is International Nurses Day; Florence Nightingale’s birthday and the day when all around the world people take the time to thank nurses for the great work they do.

NMDHB celebrates International Nurses Day
For International Nurses Day on May 12 Nelson Marlborough District Health Board (NMDHB) has engaged a world renowned expert in nursing to speak with nursing staff in Nelson and Wairau Hospital.

Health board wants service to go sky-high
''Our senior nursing team are talking to Air New Zealand based in Dunedin to come and give a talk at the hospital on how Air New Zealand delivers excellent customer care.

NZNO sends open letter to Prime Minister: TPPA puts profits before New Zealanders’ health
The New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) is one of a more than 260 health sector individuals and organisations to sign an open letter to the Prime Minister today, warning of the threat to New Zealanders’ health from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).

Waitangi a popular location for Maori nursing students hui
Waitangi proved a popular location for the annual national Maori student nurses hui this week with organisers and regular attendees citing it one of the largest they can remember.

National Student Nursing hui at Waitangi
Over 200 Maori nursing students from around New Zealand are being hosted at a four day hui at Te Tii Marae in Waitangi this week. The Maori student nurses’ hui is an annual event and was organized by Te Kaunihera o Nga Neehi Maori (National Council of Maori Nurses) in collaboration with the NorthTec nursing programme. The theme of this year’s wananga is Rangatiratanga (leadership) in nursing. Christine Sapwell, a Nursing Lecturer at NorthTec and part of the organizing committee, said, "I’m excited for the students that they get the opportunity to hear inspirational speakers such as Minister Tariana Turia, Margareth Broodkoorn who is the Director of Nursing and Midwifery for the Northland District Health Board, Maori Nurse Practitioners and other inspirational leaders in nursing who model a positive future career pathway."

My disability cost me my dream job
I dream of being a nurse.
Unfortunately, after an accident which left me a paraplegic, I was not allowed to continue studying to become a nurse.

New nurse practice partnership improving diabetes care
Health Minister Tony Ryall today visited Karori Medical Centre in Wellington to view a new model of care improving health outcomes for diabetes patients in their local GP clinic.

Prison nurses improve inmates' healthcare
They may be locked up but they are healthy inside and out.
Invercargill Prison gained its Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners' Cornerstone Accreditation this week after months of work towards the recognition.

International media

Advance nurses' rules eased
ST. PAUL - Minnesota's advance practice registered nurses would have more freedom to practice without a formal arrangement with a doctor under a bill headed to Gov. Mark Dayton.

Minn House passes bill allowing advanced nurses to practice independently
St. Paul, MN ( - In a 119 to 13 vote, the Minnesota House passed a bill Thursday allowing advanced practice registered nurses to practice independently from doctors.

Unregulated workers a poor solution to health budget crisis
Amid the shortage of qualified nursing staff and rising health costs, expert opinion has questioned the value of replacing registered or enrolled nurses with unregulated nursing workers

 Hospitals may need to rethink ‘safe’ nursing to patient ratios, says NICE
Hospitals may need to rethink “safe” staff to patient ratios as more than eight adult patients per nurse risks poor quality care, says evidence based draft guidance issued today by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

The new nursing shortage
On one hand, things are looking pretty dandy for nursing in the United States: the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected a 19 percent growth in employment for registered nurses from 2012–2022. Compare that to an 11 percent average growth rate for all occupations. That's a reason to celebrate during National Nurses Week.

Public health

Double the PR dosage in health
Health authorities are doubling their communications budgets, despite the strained health sector battling to reduce costs.

Health to receive biggest Budget boost
Prime Minister John Key has revealed the health sector will receive the biggest chunk of this year's budget with over $15 billon being set aside.

Community trial helps diabetic
When Chris Ward was warned diabetes was just around the corner, he didn't listen.
With a busy job and a mortgage to service, there never seemed enough time for exercise, and fatty, sugary foods were hard to resist. "I did all the things wrong," he says.

Health research

Health costs set to double over next 50 years
People may be paying more for their own medical care in future, and be under pressure to take in their ailing parents, as health costs are set to almost double in the next 50 years, a public health expert says.

Consider a collective social approach to 'chronic diseases'
OPINION: Healthcare costs have risen at twice the rate of inflation for more than a decade. Ten per cent - and rising - of our GDP pays for healthcare, the ninth highest percentage in the OECD.

NZ healthcare costs rising
Imagine a world where every time you get a taxpayer-funded health treatment, such as at a hospital, you are handed a "statement" of what it cost.

Work and management

How to Cope When You Become too Emotionally Involved
You stand at the doorway and watch your patient's chest rise and fall. All around him, his family are crying. They are standing there, looking at you, waiting for you to tell them what the doctor said. You don't want to break their hearts, but you can feel your heart breaking inside of you. How many times has this patient come to this hospital?

Health and wellness

Wellbeing: why it matters to health policy
This document published by the UK Department of Health, looks at why wellbeing matters to health through out someone's life, and what policy makers can do about it. Health is the top thing people say matters to their wellbeing. For health professionals, understanding the different parts of personal wellbeing may offer insights into how their own work fits into a wider context and how what they do can influence wellbeing.

Resilience: Build skills to endure hardship
Resilience means being able to adapt to life's misfortunes and setbacks. Test your resilience level and get tips to build your own resilience.

Becoming a Resilient Person - The Science of Stress Management  (Mooc – online course, freely available)
This course gives you the permission to take care of yourself by learning the skills to manage stress and optimize wellbeing.

Articles of interest

Changing Tides: Improving Outcomes Through Mentorship on All Levels of Nursing
Critical Care Nursing Quarterly
June 2010  
Volume 33  Number 2 
Pages 163 - 174 –

Critical care nursing is one of the most stressful specialties in the nursing profession. The demands of the specialty can lead to frustration and burnout at very high rates. High-quality, effective mentorship can be a valuable tool in recruiting and retaining nurses for these areas as well as improving their sense of job satisfaction. However, it must be understood that effective mentorship begins with the organizational culture and must have organizational buy-in to be successful. Also, because of the nursing shortage and high turnover in the critical care units, new graduates are frequently hired into these areas. Mentorship for these new nurses is crucial to their success and retention as a new employee. If we do not foster growth and development of young nurses, they may flounder, become extremely frustrated, and seek out new alternative employment settings. Mentoring new graduates may begin as early as their first exposure to critical care nursing in their undergraduate nursing program as it did for this author (T.K.R.). My critical care nurse faculty is the reason I entered critical care nursing and is now the reason that I have branched into education. The information in this article is not only pertinent to those working in critical care; it can be utilized and explored on all levels of nursing. Through effective mentorship, we can positively impact our healthcare organizations; improve job satisfaction; and promote professional development and empowerment in students, new graduates, staff nurses, educators, nurse leaders, and nurse faculty. Most importantly, mentoring can result in improved nursing care, high-quality healthcare, and improved patient outcomes. -

See more at:

Leadership practices influence job satisfaction
Nursing2014 Critical Care
March 2014  
Volume 9  Number 2 
Pages 33 - 36 –
Critical care nurses' job satisfaction affects patient safety, productivity, quality of care, retention, and commitment to the organization and the profession. Likewise, poor nurse satisfaction leads to negative consequences, such as overwhelming workloads, and rising expenses associated with replacing nurses who leave their jobs and the profession.1-5 - See more at:

Invite an Adversary to Lunch
Nothing provides greater pleasure than getting together with friends and coworkers who share our values, views, and love of nursing. It's heartening to hear "I know exactly what you mean!" and "Isn't that just the truth!" But sometimes exposing ourselves to people who don't share our values, or don't think like we do, or don't particularly appreciate our profession can be powerful. New insights can be gained - See more at:

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