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on 8 December

From the NZ media this week

Hospital staff fear abuseNurses may resort to wearing protective vests in some hospitals as assaults on medical staff continue to worry authorities. 

Danger part of job for assaulted nurse
A nurse who was punched in the face by an aggressive patient said nurses accepted the risks and dangers in their workplaces 

New Zealand
'ill', says doctor
New Zealand has a social illness and needs clinical-style treatment, according to crusading Timaru doctor Albert Makary. 

Cost keeps doctors at bay
Catherine Hedges, 53, says it's a pain to pay $50 to go to the doctors, but she's got no choice. 

Approaches to liberty fraught with difficulty
Notions of liberty and freedom are problematic when it comes to imposing mental-health compulsion orders, University of Otago law Prof John Dawson told mental-health nurses in Dunedin yesterday 

Gangs, family violence and bullying are New Zealand's biggest problems – and children bear the brunt of it, Kiwi kids have told the United Nations 

Report suggests child neglect often overlooked - Children’s Commissioner
Child neglect does not always get the attention it deserves despite the serious damage it causes to children’s development, Children’s Commissioner John Angus said today. 

Whole-of-family focus will help address child neglect in New Zealand - Families Commission
Dealing with the whole family, not just the problems of individuals within a family, will go a long way toward preventing and redressing child neglect in New Zealand says Families Commissioner Christine Rankin 

Claim: poor care for Bay diabetes patients
A claim that poor care for diabetes patients in the region is putting them at risk of further serious health problems has been rejected by Bay of Plenty District Health Board. 

The beating heart of Auckland's central charity for the down-on-their-luck has hopes for a medical facility to properly care for all comers. Joanna Davies reports. 

Italian Mental Health Reformist To Speak In New Zealand

With New Zealand struggling to emerge from the global economic recession further cut backs in public spending appear inevitable. It is clear that spending on health cannot be excluded from this reality. 

Worried residents say a damning report on financial systems at Taihape's former healthcare provider has justified their fears about the inexperience of the people in charge 

Public health issues 

Heart checks show 'alarming' fever rate
A study of New Zealand children's hearts has uncovered an "alarming" rate of damage caused by what many call a Third World disease.


From international media sources

 Dementia nursing care needs overhaul, says King's Fund
Nursing care for people with dementia is in need of a radical overhaul, a leading think tank has warned.An Australian study suggests that children who are sexually abused, especially if it involves penetration, appear to be at higher risk for developing schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, according to a report in the November issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, one of the JAMA/Archives journals.
Nurse teacher 'acts up' for students
A CQ University academic has turned to role play to teach her students about nursing practices. 

Hospitals Can Save 25 Percent In Component Costs And Significantly Improve Nurse Satisfaction 

Nurses are 'fundamental' to preventing poor health
Nursing staff play a fundamental role in preventing unhealthy lifestyles developing, according to the leader of the Royal College of Nursing. 

Articles of interest

Telehealth Provides Real-Time Intervention at HomeOver the past couple of years, nurses have witnessed the positive effects of telehealth — home care through phone calls, the Web and remote monitoring using technology. Fewer hospitalizations and ED visits, and better patient outcomes are just a few of the byproducts. To quantify the results, home care agencies have started to track telehealth outcomes, such as reduced costs and fewer readmissions 

Telenursing - What is it?
Telenursing can be defined as using telecommunication devices to provide nursing care, utilising the nursing process to care for individuals or specific patient populations, such as isolated groups of people. Telehealth focuses on delivery, management and coordination of services and care.  

From the Ministry of Health 

Regulatory Impact Statement
Better Retail Controls on Tobacco: Smoke-free Environments (Controls and Enforcement) Amendment Bill
Published: December 2010 

New Publications


The NZAF has produced a new resource for New Zealand's African communities.
The fold-out brochure, Preventing HIV, is a useful tool to help spread our message to an at-risk community. Preventing HIV outlines HIV prevention and testing and will be distributed at African community events throughout New Zealand.Hard copies are available by emailing the NZAF Communications Team here, or it can be viewed

The above information has been collated for the College of Nurses Aotearoa (NZ) Inc by Linda Stopforth,  SNIPS  and is provided on a weekly basis.  It is current as at  Wednesday 8 December 2010.  If you have any feedback about content - what parts are most useful or what you would like added - please email

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