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From NZ media this week

The Nelson Marlborough District Health Board today announced a significant restructuring affecting a "large number of staff".

 Assaults on hospital staff soar
Tauranga Hospital staff were assaulted 75 times and police were called out to 100 incidents last year.

 Summer ‘Trauma’ Season Highlights Child Safety Risks
Summer is an exciting time for Kiwi families. With the days longer and sunnier, it offers an excellent time for trips to the beach, bush, and a variety of outdoor activities. Summer however is also called the “Trauma Season” among medical professionals

New Zealanders have the fourth-highest cancer rate in the world, but a third could be prevented with healthier lifestyles, new figures show.

The loss of "three or four" positions among 140 support staff will be a small part of nearly $3 million in savings through a fresh focus on stock purchasing and other efficiencies, Nelson Marlborough District Health Board managers said yesterday.

The biggest group of workers affected by the Nelson Marlborough Area Health Board's staffing changes announced yesterday will be seeking a time extension for their submissions.

 Public health issues

More measles cases likely, official warns
A child with measles has been taken to hospital and five other cases of the virus have been confirmed after infected passengers arrived in Auckland on a flight from Brisbane two weeks ago.

Countries with the biggest gulf between rich and poor also tend to be those with the worst social problems, according to bestselling book The Spirit Level. Where does this leave New Zealand? Anthony Hubbard reports.

 'Stamp out dangerous bug'
More must be done to stamp out dangerous bacteria in one of our favourite foods, a leading researcher says

Accidental injuries and deaths at home cost New Zealanders three and a half times more than road injuries, a new report says.

 From international media sources

Nursing Schools and Students Could Be a Valuable Emergency ResourceIn the aftermath of a disaster such as the Queensland floods, emergency resources are often stretched to the limit.

Nurses' Maths Skills in the Spotlight
A recent study shows that more than one-third of nursing students lack the basic mathematical skills necessary to administer accurate drug dosages. A recent mathematical test given to Bachelor...

Discriminating for Safety
Is having male nurses deal with violent mental health patients good practice or sexual discrimination?Workplace complaints by mental health nurses has the Queensland Health department attempting to stop the practice of having only male nurses handle dangerous patients for fear of breaching anti-discrimination laws

Paper Suggests Ways to Help Nurses With Addiction Problems
A paper in the latest edition of Journal of Clinical Nursing discusses the issue of substance abuse and addiction problems among nurses, and suggests using support and treatment to cope with the issue and protect public safety.

Aged Care “In Crisis
The “Sunday Telegraph” has released findings that indicate that nursing home residents are receiving only 20 minutes of care a day from a registered nurse. These finding have been described by the Australian Nursing Federation as “unacceptable” given the complexity of care required by the elderly.

  Articles of interest

Dealing with phantom limb pain after amputation
Nurses must conduct holistic assessments to manage this condition appropriately

 From the top: a guide to being an effective nurse leader
In the first of our regular section coaching nurses in management skills, we look at what it takes to be a leader

 Nursing double degrees: a higher education initiative in times of nursing shortages
The aim of this paper is to raise awareness of nursing double degrees (DD) and pose questions about their possible impact on nursing shortages.

 Nursing education: reducing reality shock for graduate Indigenous nurses – it’s all about time
Since the decision to transfer nurse education to tertiary institutions in 1984, there have been many follow up inquiries to assess if the issues around training, including the inadequate preparation for the stresses of work, had in fact been addressed. This paper aims to highlight a range of specific strategies explored and implemented during the delivery of a Bachelor of Nursing program in an attempt to improve the retention of Indigenous nursing students and to generate a more enhanced educational preparation for future nursing students.

Reasons for entering and leaving nursing: an Australian regional study
The objective was to compare and contrast the reasons that nurses and nursing students provide for entering and leaving nursing.

 Online resources

Supporting teen fathers: a resource for service providers
(2010, November). Wellington: Ministry of Social Development. 
This resource has been developed to support the delivery of services for teen fathers. ‘Teen fathers' includes those young fathers who are no longer teenagers, but who need the same kinds of support. This could include young fathers who are the partners of teen mothers.

Read all about it!

Family skeletons are tumbling out of closets and history is being democratised, as a new online database takes off.  

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