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No. 232 Wednesday 10 December 2014


From NZ media this week

Afghani refugee wins nursing scholarship
Afghani nursing student Nida Alizadah is the first woman in her family to attend a tertiary institution.

New Zealander of the Year nomination: Nurses answered call to help Sierra Leone's Ebola victims
An Ebola death rate of 70 per cent did not stop two Kiwi nurses from answering the call for help.
Donna Collins and Sharon Mackie signed up to spend three weeks as part of a large team of international nurses and humanitarian aid specialists sent by the New Zealand Red Cross to work for the International Federation of Red Cross at an Ebola treatment centre near Kenema, Sierra Leone's third-biggest city.

There's a doctor in the House now
The new Health Minister may be confessing to a few "puffs" of cannabis in his youth, but don't expect him to go soft on drugs.

Baby post a breach of privacy
A Waikato midwife believed to have been involved in delivering a 7kg baby touted as a New Zealand record has gone to ground following what appears to be a potential breach of privacy.

Schools could do more to help addicted teens
District Health Boards, for the first time, have achieved a national target aimed at getting drug-addicted teens the help they need, but counsellors say schools are providing some of the toughest barriers to overcome.

Elderly migrant parents abandoned to isolation
Elderly parents are being "abandoned" by their migrant children in New Zealand, advocates say.
In some cases, non English-speaking parents are left to fend for themselves while their children work or study in other cities or countries.

Reporting adverse events: New online learning modules for health professionals
A new educational initiative by NPS MedicineWise and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) aims to improve both the quality and quantity of adverse event reporting relating to medicines, vaccines and medical devices to the TGA.

From International media

Top 5 Nursing Issues for 2015
A rising awareness of ethical issues, a push for better representation in the boardroom, and initiatives to raise education levels among RNs will be top-of-mind topics for nurse leaders next year.

New book urges nurses to speak up and be heard
Nurses Making Policy: From Bedside to Boardroom (Springer Publishing, 2014) implores nurses to speak up and be heard, from the hospital corridors to the floors of Congress

Compassion fatigue: the cost some workers pay for caring
Health and social workers often choose their profession because they want to help people. But seeing trauma and suffering on a regular basis can have a deep impact on these workers. “Compassion fatigue” is a response to the stress of caring for people at times of crisis and is often referred to as the cost of caring.

Nurse Ethics Comes to a Head at Guantanamo Bay
A Navy nurse faces possible discharge for refusing to participate in force-feeding detainees. It's a test case for nurses in all practice settings who are faced with ethical issues every day.

Nurse workloads a key factor in rising patient deaths, researcher says
Increasing the workload of nurses increases the risk of patients dying in hospital, an internationally renowned patient safety researcher says

Ebola's Arrival Forced Open the Door on Nursing Ethics
The following is excerpted from the upcoming issue of Johns Hopkins Nursing magazine:
On Oct. 16, when a nurse from a Texas hospital took to the national media to decry unsafe conditions for workers exposed to the Ebola virus, the echoes carried all the way to Baltimore, to ethics professor Cynda Hylton Rushton, PhD, RN, FAAN, and, she hopes, to the student nurses making their way toward tomorrow’s front lines.

Nurses: Their Vital Role in Transforming Healthcare
"Nurses: Their Vital Role in Transforming Healthcare," narrated by Joan Lunden, is a half-hour documentary exploring the impact of nurses on our nation’s health care system, in our community, on patients and their families, and of course, on the nurses themselves. We look at the role of nurses on both the front lines of health care, as well as the backbone of patient treatment. We see nurses as innovators in health care–like pain detection in newborns. We see how their observational skills, advanced knowledge, interventions and compassionate care help patients manage their medical needs.[Ma1] 

DHBs and PHOs

More beds, doctors, cost $52m
DHB spending helps to cut delays in emergency departments

Public health

Rheumatic fever changes 'scary'
A child health expert says advances in the battle against rheumatic fever may be jeopardised by major administration changes in the future.

Reports online

Openness and honesty when things go wrong: the professional duty of candour (a draft for consultation)
“The General Medical Council (GMC) and the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) have launched a public consultation on draft joint guidance which is designed to support doctors, nurses and midwives in fulfilling their professional duty to be open and honest about mistakes.” Source: General Medical Council/Nursing and Midwifery Council

From the Nursing Council

Consultation on Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice & Qualifications
03 December 2014

The Nursing Council (the Council) is undertaking a review of the nurse practitioner scope of practice and prescribed qualifications.  The health care environment has changed considerably since 2001 when nurse practitioner was introduced.  This consultation is focused on the future requirements for the nurse practitioner scope of practice and qualifications.  It discusses the positioning of nurse practitioner in relation to projected health need and service delivery changes and the potential implications of the introduction of further registered nurse prescribing.

Revised audit process
Since 2006 the Council has operated a recertification audit process linked with the APC renewal process. In the interests of improving the audit process and due to the popularity of the online APC renewal method we have now separated the APC renewal and audit processes. Previously nurses selected for audit were not issued a practising certificate until the audit process was complete and were unable to renew their APC online.

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