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No. 234 Wednesday 7 January 2015

From NZ media this week

New Year Honours list: Dr Susan Jacobs
Susan Jacobs says she feels particularly grateful for her New Year's Honour "because I'm not a native New Zealander".

Mahood 'thrilled' by honour
She just fell into it.
That's what Hamilton's Pippa Mahood says about many of her governance roles over the years.

Book brings poignant stories from hospice history to life
Bucket-list queen is what former Mary Potter Hospice nurse Mary Death calls herself.
One of her dying patients, a young mountaineer, yearned for one last trip to the Southern Alps but was too sick so she transformed the courtyard outside his Wellington hospice room into a winter wonderland with tons of shaved ice from a local fish market and fairy lights in the trees.

9 per cent of motorists drive while affected by medication - study
Drivers on prescription medicines are risking their lives on the roads.
Nearly one in 10 drivers in a new study has admitted driving while affected by prescription or pharmacy medications, and officials say it could be the tip of the iceberg.

Kiwis getting healthier, but issues persist in deprived areas: survey
Kiwis are getting healthier, but New Zealand still faces serious health issues, especially in the most deprived areas.

Big Brother is watching . . . social media
Sneaky holidays, snide remarks and sensitive information.
Waikato workers who aren't thrilled with how things are going in their workplaces need to be wary of expressing their discontent on Facebook and other social media.

Medical regulator aims to better inform
The body charged with regulating doctors is promising to provide more information to the public about doctors' performance and competence.

Tension over health budgets
Heated debate over funding, savings and how to do more with relatively less dominated the health sector over the last year.

From International media

New nurse roles in pharmacy and therapy mooted by training chief
New types of nursing roles that overlap more closely with physiotherapy and pharmacy work should be developed to meet the changing needs of healthcare sector employers, the chief executive of England’s official workforce planning body has claimed.

Children's high risk clinic reduces serious illness by 55 percent
High-risk children with chronic illness who received comprehensive care at a special clinic staffed by physicians and nurse practitioners from The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, had a dramatic reduction in serious illnesses, documents a new study. These benefits are the greatest identified to date for medical homes for patients in any age group.

UCT: New course needed for nurses dealing with death
Johannesburg - A new course is needed within nursing to help nurses prepare for the death of patients under their care, the University of Cape Town said on Monday.

Chinese surgeons sacked for operation selfies
A team of Chinese surgeons, doctors and nurses has been sacked after posting a series of "selfie" photographs online following a successful seven-hour operation.

Nurses issue homes funding call
Nurses are calling on the Scottish Government to invest more cash in energy efficiency to help prevent health problems linked with people living in damp, cold homes.

Chicago nurse protests mandatory flu vaccine policy
As the flu outbreak spreads across the country, many are getting flu shots to help combat the virus. Numerous hospitals require their nurses to get the vaccine and those who refuse could face termination. A nurse in Chicago who says it's wrong he has to make that choice.

Student nurse numbers in Scotland 'at six-year low'
The number of nurses training in Scotland is at its lowest level for six years, the Scottish Conservatives say.

Nurses to be struck off register if €150 fee is not paid
Nurses and midwives have been warned they will be working illegally if they fail to pay a new €150 registration fee, due on January 1.

It's time to give nurse practitioners full practice authority
One of the largest barriers to economic growth is the cost of health care. Between 2008 and 2013, the median average family insurance premium rose 34.6 percent, placing additional financial burdens on employers who offer insurance benefits. Nationally, health care spending has increased to 17 percent of the gross domestic product.


Lessons From an Outbreak: How Ebola Shaped 2014
Experts weigh in on what to take away from the devastation of the disease.

Social health

Diabetes patients with low income in worse health
Patients with diabetes need access to doctors and medicines to help them keep their disease under control. But they also need food in their pantries and enough money in their pockets to pay for necessities like rent and heat, a new study shows.


Telemedicine shows promise in offering care to rural rheumatology patients
A study in the International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases found that over 90% of outpatient participants in rural Australia were satisfied with the quality of rheumatology telemedicine service offered. A majority said they would not prefer to travel a great distance for a face-to-face consultation. (12/29)

Telemedicine helping make school nurses’ jobs easier
Thanks to Lafayette General Medical Center, treating students is becoming easier.
The Lafayette General Medical Center Foundation has donated the technology to launch a telemedicine clinic at Ossun Elementary, and it has changed how the school nurse’s office operates.

UAB Studying Peritoneal Dialysis via Telemed
The University of Alabama at Birmingham health system has launched a three-year trial testing the efficacy of a telemedicine model for patients receiving peritoneal dialysis.

Articles of interest

Are care workers appropriate mentors for nursing students in residential aged care?
Annear M, Lea E, Robinson A
BMC Nursing 2014, 13 :44 (12 December 2014)
The aged care sector is increasingly dominated by a less-qualified workforce at a time of increasing prevalence of complex health concerns, such as dementia. An Australian program to develop teaching aged care facilities is being undertaken to build the sector?s capacity and provide nursing students with positive experiences of engaging with vulnerable clients. This research aimed to examine care staff potential to facilitate nursing student engagement with clinically relevant knowledge in the performance of hygiene care in a residential aged care facility.

A transition program to primary health care for new graduate nurses: a strategy towards building a sustainable primary health care nurse workforce?
Gordon CJ, Aggar C, Williams AM, Walker L, Willcock SM, Bloomfield J
BMC Nursing 2014, 13 :34 (12 December 2014)
This debate discusses the potential merits of a New Graduate Nurse Transition to Primary Health Care Program as an untested but potential nursing workforce development and sustainability strategy. Increasingly in Australia, health policy is focusing on the role of general practice and multidisciplinary teams in meeting the service needs of ageing populations in the community. Primary health care nurses who work in general practice are integral members of the multidisciplinary team ? but this workforce is ageing and predicted to face increasing shortages in the future. At the same time, Australia is currently experiencing a surplus of and a corresponding lack of employment opportunities for new graduate nurses. This situation is likely to compound workforce shortages in the future. A national nursing workforce plan that addresses supply and demand issues of primary health care nurses is required. Innovative solutions are required to support and retain the current primary health care nursing workforce, whilst building a skilled and sustainable workforce for the future.

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