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Welcome to the College of Nurses – News Update.
No. 237 Wednesday 28 January 2015

From NZ media this week

Nurses celebrate 10 years of Operating Room induction program
Nursing staff at Auckland DHB are celebrating this month after completing the 10th year of a successful Operating Room (OR) education program.

On the night shift: Many rewards in caring for elderly residents
For Lee Hofmann, a 48-year-old registered nurse, the sacrifices that come with working the night shift at Ocean Raeburn Resthome in Cambridge are worth it.

Young Kiwi nurse spends summer on volunteering aboard hospital ship
A nurse has given up her summer to give free medical care to children living in poverty.
Amanda Sewell, 26, is on board mobile hospital Africa Mercy off the coast of Madagascar until the end of January.

Smart inhaler gives asthma kids 'improved quality of life'
A trial with 220 Auckland children has proved that a "smart inhaler" that beeps when you forget to puff from it can dramatically reduce asthma.

Pregnancy scans inquiry
Concerns that  pregnant women are receiving more scans than ever has sparked a government investigation.
And some health professionals fear the sharp rise could be leading to more women having their labours induced, which carries added risk.

From International media

State study fails to answer nurse staffing problems
Review of nurse-patient ratios and results doesn’t have enough specifics to resolve a long-simmering union issue.

Quebec Order of Nurses: Majority failed English licensing exam
47.3% of students who wrote English version passed, compared with 78.7 per cent of peers who wrote French exam

MU: Nurses with post-graduate training can improve health
COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) - Researchers from the University of Missouri's flagship campus in Columbia say nurses with post-graduate training can help improve the quality of health care.

Nurse fatigue's dangers targeted by new policy
Operating room nurse John Kauchick said he's worked 17-hour shifts and once stayed on the job for 23 hours straight — risking fatigue that could lead to medical mistakes.

Public health

Mutations delay influenza vaccine
-Flu vaccinations will start three weeks late this year after major mutations of some strains of the potentially deadly virus.

Drugs, alcohol and smoking

'Hillbilly heroin' addiction from prescriptions
PATIENTS ARE overdosing in hospital or being sent home with addictions to "hillbilly heroin," sparking a nationwide investigation into the extent of medical opioid use.

Health and wellness

Resilience in the workplace
Does your post-holiday glow fade all too fast when you return to work? There's much you can do to build your resistance to the negative effects of excessive pressures and work demands.

Articles of interest

Research article  
Associations between level of services integration and nurses’ workplace well-being
Longpré C, Dubois C, Nguemeleu E
BMC Nursing 2014, 13 :184 (31 December 2014)
To respond better to population needs, in recent years Quebec has invested in improving the integration of services and care pathways. Nurses are on the front lines of these transformation processes, which require them to adopt new clinical practices. This updating of practices can be a source of both satisfaction and stress. The aim of this study was to gain a better understanding of the relationship between the transformation processes underlying services integration and nurses? workplace well-being.

Research article  
Construction and validation of the quality of oncology nursing care scale (QONCS)
Charalambous A, Adamakidou T
BMC Nursing 2014, 13 :48 (19 December 2014)
There is scarcity of questionnaires specifically on the quality of the nursing care provided to patients diagnosed with cancer. The available questionnaires have been developed without attributing a holistic approach to the care provided with important patient?s needs remaining without assessment. The main aim was to develop a self-administered cancer specific questionnaire exploring patients? views on quality nursing care provided in oncology settings.

Teaching the Literacy of Professionalism: When Clinical Skills Are Not Enough
Many RNs seeking their BSN degrees do not have well-developed nonclinical professional skills related to scholarship. To address this issue, faculty used the Community of Inquiry Framework to develop an elective, online course to help RN-BSN students explore professional growth through writing, presenting, and portfolio development. The authors discuss the course and its outcomes.

New publications

Nursing Open – an online open access journal from wiley
 Now available full text at:

Professional development

Understanding Drugs and Addiction – Kings College London
In 2015 Kings College / Institute of Psychiatry in the UK are again offering their free online 6-week Understanding Drugs and Addiction course.

Understanding Drugs and Addiction is a:
*6 week course
*Free and totally online
*Requires 4 hours per week

Course starts March 9th 2015

If you wish you may purchase a Statement of Participation at course end (also opportunity to take an exam to qualify for a Statement of Attainment- fee required). More information & enrolment details, as well as a video are available via:

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