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No. 250 6 May 2015

From NZ media this week

International Nurses Day
Whangarei nurse and midwife Donna Collins is currently helping earth quake victims in Nepal. On the eve of her flying out and for International Nurses Day this week, she spoke to Jodi Fraser about her career to date.

Turkey Keen to Hear About NZ’s Successful Midwifery-Led Model
New Zealand College of Midwives Chief Executive, Karen Guilliland, leaves on Wednesday for Ankara, Turkey where she will address an academic audience on the world leading maternity system in NZ.

Cosmetic nurses release new practice standard
 Nurses and doctors work together to raise the standards of cosmetic medical practice and improve patient care.

Waikato health workers may have to mask up if they refuse flu jab
Waikato health workers are  being urged by their employer to get a 'flu immunisation in a new policy out for consultation, with the Waikato District Health Board threatening to make unimmunised staff wear surgical masks.

More assaults on hospital staff
Almost double the number in 2013, and most in the mental health unit

Plunket to release Asian parenting strategy
Tradition in China dictates a new mother shouldn't leave the house in the first month after birth and that a baby should always be kept warm even in times of fever.

Lippincott Procedures “Go Live” in South Island DHBs
From Tuesday 5th May Lippincott Clinical Procedures will be available online at all South Island District Health Boards, a move which looks set to support the better delivery of evidence based nursing practice across the region. Access to the online resource by those in the wider health system, including primary care, NGOs, community health, the aged care sector and relevant tertiary education providers, will be made available in the following months.

Southern DHB asking staff not to get the flu or give the flu
Southern DHB this week launched its staff flu campaign with the aim of increasing the uptake of its flu vaccination to staff to over 65%.

Professor calls for rethink on health spending
A visiting scholar has called for a dramatic shift in the Government's approach to healthcare.

From International media this week

A majority of nurses believe that connected medical devices can reduce medical errors
The challenge of integrating mobile medical technology – like medical apps – into the hospital environment was highlighted in a recent survey by the Gary and Mary West Health Institute. The national survey, “Missed Connections: A Nurses Survey on Interoperability and Improved Patient Care,” included 526 nurses (RN or higher, working in a non-school setting) and was conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of the West Health Institute.


Cancer diagnosis delays blamed for more than 120 deaths
More than 120 cancer patients have died or been left terminally ill in the past decade after their doctors failed to pick up their disease earlier.

DHBs and PHOs

New Zealand leading primary health facility to be built in Hastings
Hastings is set to get a major new primary health centre in 2017. This new centre, which will be one of the largest and most advanced in New Zealand, will offer everything from regular doctors’ visits through to after hour’s emergency care.

Central PHO cutting back $2.9m of spending to meet budget
Developments in primary healthcare in Manawatu will be stalled as the Central Primary Health Organisation works to cut almost $3 million from its spending.

Whanau Ora spending slammed in Auditor-General's report
Millions of dollars allocated to help vulnerable families could have been spent on people rather than administration, the Auditor-General says.

General practice changes hands
The High Street Medical Centre in Greymouth has been bought by a group of the general practice’s staff members and will continue to provide care for its patients.
 The new owners are nurses Kathy Hines, Michelle Robb, Rose Ruddle and Sue Griffin and Practice Manager Tracey Ilton.

Memo reveals secret waiting list
Waitemata DHB boss denies suspended waiting lists used to meet Government targets as mentioned in leaked email.

Faster diagnosis of heart attacks at NMDHB
A new process at Nelson Hospital allows paramedics, emergency doctors and cardiologists to diagnose and treat heart attacks faster.

Mental health

Seclusion, restraint rates improve for MidCentral mental health
Palmerston North Hospital's mental health service has reported a steady decrease in the use of restraint and seclusion during the past year.

Public health

Many Kiwis far too casual about asthma, say experts
As winter approaches, one young family know too well what a terrifying illness asthma can be.
New Zealand has one of the world's highest rates, and for many Kiwis winter makes things a lot worse.

Salt tax could raise $450 million
First they pushed to tax fizzy drink, now public health advocates want a "salt tax" slapped on everything from hot chips to pretzels.
In a paper published in the Plos One international journal, Otago University of Wellington academics including health experts and economists argued we need to be weaned off our salt heavy diet.

Articles of interest

Long-term home visiting with vulnerable young mothers: an interpretive description of the impact on public health nurses
Dmytryshyn AL, Jack SM, Ballantyne M, Wahoush O, MacMillan HL
BMC Nursing 2015, 14 :12 (8 March 2015)

Knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviour intentions for three bowel management practices in intensive care: effects of a targeted protocol implementation for nursing and medical staff
Knowles S, Lam LT, McInnes E, Elliott D, Hardy J, Middleton S
BMC Nursing 2015, 14 :6 (31 January 2015)

Becoming a facilitator rather than a dictator of care…CHERYL CALVERT, a gerontology nurse specialist, shares the profound difference becoming an Advanced Care Planning facilitator has made to her practice

JANE HANNAH, a heart failure nurse specialist, says some families expect her to arrive in 'black robes and carrying a sickle' when referred for an 'end of life' discussion.  But she says anxiety falls and patients are more satisfied with their care after having a 'conversation that counts

Reports online

Influencing Children's Health: Critical windows for intervention
This report released by VicHealth, looks at key moments for developing healthy habits in children and adolescents. 
While this report does include Australian statistics, the key moments for intervention are relevant for the New Zealand population.
For more information and to download the report click here

New publications

Building Health Workforce Capacity Through Community-Based Health Professional Education: Workshop Summary
Can be either purchased as an ebook or downloaded as a pdf
There is growing evidence from developed and developing countries that community-based approaches are effective in improving the health of individuals and populations. This is especially true when the social determinants of health are considered in the design of the community-based approach. With an aging population and an emphasis on health promotion, the United States is increasingly focusing on community-based health and health care. Preventing disease and promoting health calls for a holistic approach to health interventions that rely more heavily upon interprofessional collaborations. However, the financial and structural design of health professional education remains siloed and largely focused on academic health centers for training. Despite these challenges, there are good examples of interprofessional, community-based programs and curricula for educating health professionals.

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