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No. 251 13 May 2015


From NZ media this week

Thank you to our fabulous nurses at Southern DHB
It’s International Nurses Day tomorrow and Southern DHB will be saying a big thank you to all its nurses who work so hard and are so committed to bringing the very best healthcare to our patients. Southern DHB employs over 2000 nurses who all make the most significant contribution to improving the health and wellbeing of patients in the Southern District.

International Nurses Day; a time to remember those who died
On Tuesday South Canterbury District Health Board nurses marked International Nurses Day and the sinking of the ship Marquette in 1915 which killed four nurses who trained in Waimate.

May 12 celebrates International Nurses' Day
May 12 2015 marks the 195th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth, and is also International Nurses’ Day.

Gore nurses face the axe
Several Gore nurses facing the axe are set to be early casualties of widespread funding cuts announced by the Southern District Health Board.

Dermatology may face public health crisis by 2020
Lack of resources and specialist positions could jeopardise public dermatology services by 2020 according to Health Workforce New Zealand’s latest service forecast.

Palmerston North Hospital staff may be forced to wear masks unless they get flu jab
Palmerston North hospital staff may soon be made to wear masks if they are not immunised against the flu. 
MidCentral District Health Board has been looking at ways increase the uptake of the flu vaccine by its staff members after only 44 per cent of staff were immunised last year.

No mask ruling for staff who haven't had flu jab
Lakes District Health Board will not make staff members who have not had a flu jab wear masks when dealing with at-risk patients, despite at least one other health board introducing the policy.

From International media this week

Routine Heart Care Similar From Nurse Practitioners, Doctors: Study
No differences seen in basic measurements for those with chronic cardiac disease
FRIDAY, May 1, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- Many patients with chronic heart disease will receive the same quality of care from a nurse practitioner or physician assistant as they would from a doctor, a new study suggests.

Nurses Develop RNSafe to Verify Bedside Dosing
Several nurses at Boston Children’s Hospital have banded together to develop RNSafe, a prototype mobile system designed to help verify bedside medication and doses, taking advantage of an Innovation Acceleration Program grant.

Insight into their own abilities: Researchers look at self-efficacy tools
New tools that explore nursing students’ belief in their abilities to care for critically ill patients are helping nursing educators differentiate beginner students from students with more advanced skills, according a study recently published in Nursing Research.

DHBs and PHOs

Patient wellbeing at centre of New Zealand’s first in-hospital design lab
Child-friendly medical equipment and navigation guides are among the patient-friendly innovations being created at a first-in-kind hospital design centre to improve the experience of staff, patients, families and visitors.

Canterbury DHB on Track to Deliver More Surgery
New hospital facilities will give Canterbury DHB the capacity to perform an extra 6000 surgeries and procedures a year once up and running.

Mental health

$23.6m for new South Auckland mental health unit
Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says the Government has approved a new specialist mental health facility for Counties-Manukau DHB.$236m-for-new-south-auckland-mental-health-unit.aspx

Articles of interest

The mental health of nurses in acute teaching hospital settings: a cross-sectional survey
Perry L, Lamont S, Brunero S, Gallagher R, Duffield C
BMC Nursing 2015, 14 :15 (27 March 2015)

Long-term home visiting with vulnerable young mothers: an interpretive description of the impact on public health nurses
Dmytryshyn AL, Jack SM, Ballantyne M, Wahoush O, MacMillan HL
BMC Nursing 2015, 14 :12 (8 March 2015)

Moral Distress in Nursing
AJN, American Journal of Nursing
March 2015, Volume 115 Number 3, p 19 - 20 [FREE]
According to Ann B. Hamric, associate dean of academic programs and professor in the School of Nursing at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, moral distress occurs when a person's moral integrity is seriously compromised, either because one feels unable to act in accordance with core values and obligations or attempted actions fail to achieve the desired outcome. Each instance of moral distress leaves behind what is known as moral residue-a feeling of having compromised one's values that lingers. When the situation recurs, the residue increases-known as the crescendo effect-often leading to a breaking point. In health care, moral distress can lead to poor patient care, diminished job satisfaction, greater burnout, and more attrition among nurses and other providers.

Assessment and management of patients who lack decision-making capacity
The Nurse Practitioner
.In cases where there is a question about the patient's ability to make an informed decision to refuse treatment, the nurse practitioner (NP) must quickly decide how to balance the patient's right to autonomy with protecting his or her best interest through beneficence (doing good) and nonmaleficence (inflicting no harm). He or she may consult with a physician to assess the patient's capacity in order to determine if the patient is able to make an "informed refusal." Whether or not a patient has the capacity to understand, make a decision,

Ensuring Respectful Care of ICU Patients: 10 Things Nurses Can Do
How ICU nurses can maintain patient dignity in the critical care environment

Reports online

The Nursing Council Cohort Report 2014
The Nursing Council of New Zealand is pleased to present a second report on nursing cohorts. This second report focuses on four different cohorts over New Zealand educated and internationally qualified nurse, who were entered onto the register for the first time between 1 April 2005 and 31 March 2006 and 1 April 2012 and 31 March 2013.

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