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Welcome to the College of Nurses – News Update.
No. 253 27 May 2015

From NZ media this week

Southern DHB calling for nurses wanting to return to Nursing
Southern District Health Board's Return to Nursing Programme will run another course in Southland starting the 13th of July, with a call going out to all Registered and Enrolled Nurses who are interested in returning to the workforce.

Waikato health chief tells staff to get flu shot or mask up
The head of the Waikato District Health Board has publicly criticised his staff in a controversial editorial telling them to get a flu shot or "mask up".
DHB chief executive Nigel Murray posted the editorial on Tuesday on Waikato Hospital's newsroom website but some people responded labelling it as "institutional bullying".

NZNO blasts Nigel Murray's blog: Vaccinate or mask up
The nurse's union has blasted an editorial in which the Waikato District Health Board chief executive suggests that his staff either "vaccinate or mask up".

Mothers should get better care in NZ - expert
New Zealand should be one of the safest places in the world to give birth but we lag behind other countries when it comes to maternal health, an expert says.

Child mortality report questioned
Save the Children findings put New Zealand 17th in healthcare for mothers and babies.

Let's give dispossessed a chance to dream
After some confusion about Whanau Ora, our columnist visited a provider to better understand the initiative.

Discredited vaccine advice endangers babies
Expectant parents are being advised against vaccination by the very nurses and teachers who are supposed to give babies the best start in life.

Statement in response to Sunday Star Times article on immunisation 25 May 2015
The Midwifery Council was concerned to read an article in the Sunday Star Times yesterday which stated that some midwives were undermining Ministry of Health messages about immunisation.

Budget 2015

Budget 2015: $50m more for Whanau Ora programme
The Budget has allocated a further $50 million injection into the Whanau Ora social services programme despite the Auditor-General raising red flags about spending and the way the programme was run.

Budget 2015: DHBs to get $320m to meet cost pressures
The country's district health boards will get $320 million over four years to meet cost pressures, in new spending announced in Budget 2015.

Budget 2015: Benefits rise in bid to tackle child poverty 
A $790 million package to lift children out of poverty will see benefits rise beyond inflation for the first time in 30 years, but it won't come for free.

Budget 2015: Cancer survivors outraged at 'pathetic' funding for bowel checks
Bowel cancer screening will be extended beyond the original four years in Auckland's north and west, but the Government can not yet find the $40 million to $60 million for a national testing programme.

Budget 2015: Health gets billion-dollar shot in the arm 
The Government has boosted the health budget by an extra $1.7 billion, taking the country's largest spending area to a record $15.9b.

 From International media this week

 Thousands of patients suffer as nurses fail to respond to call bells: Only 13% say they were attended to right away 
Thousands of hospital patients are being left in pain and discomfort because nurses are not answering call bells, according to the care watchdog.
Read more:

Nurse Staffing Tied to In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Survival
Nurse staffing levels and hospital work environment have a direct effect on survival for patients who experience in-hospital cardiac arrest, new research shows.

Report highlights ‘startling’ shortage of nurses
International study largely positive, but points to delays in cancer care


Alcohol and Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is New Zealand’s third most common cancer, accounting for more than 600 deaths every year and is the most common cancer in women.

Mental health

New Zealanders accepting of race, religion but not mental illness
New Zealanders are accepting of diversity, sexuality and religion but not of mental illness.

Drugs, alcohol and smoking

Synthetic cannabis health scare
More than 30 people have been treated at Auckland City and Middlemore hospitals for bad reactions to what is thought to be a potent synthetic cannabis, in a cluster of cases that have surprised doctors in the past three weeks.

Third-hand smoke is worse than second-hand - author
Most people know of the dangers of second-hand smoke, but not many have heard of the third-hand threat.
Research has proven second-hand smoke to be dangerous, especially in cars, with more than 350 people dieing in New Zealand each year because of it.


New Zealand health experts have endorsed three priority policy actions to tackle child and adolescent obesity.
A paper published in the latest World Health Organisation (WHO) Bulletin this month, shows there is broad support among the public health community in New Zealand for implementing priority actions put forward by public health experts.

Articles of interest

Health reform has advanced practice nurses in spotlight
There's less nodding and more questions from people sitting in hospitals and doctors' offices as consumerism takes root in health care.

American Sentinel University Shares Tips to Help Nurses Improve Patient Education Skills
– Improved Patient Education Skills Key to Providing Enhanced Care –
AURORA, Colo. – May 20, 2015 – In today’s healthcare environment, nurses must provide patient education as part of routine care to improve the likelihood of positive outcomes. American Sentinel University, an innovative accredited provider of online nursing degrees, offers tips to nurses to help develop their patient education skills.

3 ways to engage the next generation of RNs
In a recent blog post, Cornerstone OnDemand's Christine Corning, RN, BSN and manager in Healthcare Vertical Sales, highlighted 3 ways to engage the recent graduates from nursing schools

Developing a student-led health and wellbeing clinic in an underserved community: collaborative learning, health outcomes and cost savings
Stuhlmiller C, Tolchard B
BMC Nursing 2015, 14 :32 (14 May 2015)

Motivations of nursing students regarding their educational preparation for mental health nursing in Australia and the United Kingdom: a survey evaluation
Edward K, Warelow P, Hemingway S, Hercelinskyj G, Welch A, McAndrew S, Stephenson J
BMC Nursing 2015, 14 :29 (10 May 2015)

Learning transitions–a descriptive study of nurses’ experiences during advanced level nursing education
Graue M, Rasmussen B, Iversen A, Dunning T
BMC Nursing 2015, 14 :30 (12 May 2015)

Assessing the impact of academic-practice partnerships on nursing staff
Pearson M, Wyte-Lake T, Bowman C, Needleman J, Dobalian A
BMC Nursing 2015, 14 :28 (9 May 2015)

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