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Welcome to the College of Nurses Aotearoa News Update.
No. 276 11 November 2015


From NZ media this week

Hutt Valley DHB cancels annual nurse intake due to financial pressures
An annual intake of graduate nurses at Hutt Hospital will not go ahead early next year due to financial pressures.
Hutt Valley District Health Board chief executive Dr Ashley Bloomfield said the board had previously taken on 25-30 graduate nurses at the start of each year but would not do so in 2016.

Nurse's study to determine whether empathy makes difference for heart patients
A Waikato heart specialist is hoping to prove what years of nursing intuition has told her, that having compassion for a patient will help improve that patient's recovery.
The lead researcher who is based in Thames, Waikato District Health Board clinical nurse Simona Inkrot, said most people appreciate when their doctor shows genuine compassion.

Decorated Kiwi nurse catches up with old mentor in Nelson
One of New Zealand's most decorated nurses was in Nelson last night to talk about his work - but first there was the matter of catching up with his  mentor from four decades ago.
Andrew Cameron, 59, came to town as a distinguished alumnus of Massey University, where he trained as a nurse in the 1970s.

Southland woman's idea could save babies' lives
A Southland woman's innovative idea could save the lives of babies around the world.
Sharon Ayto has won a Southern District Health Board competition in which staff members were asked to come up with innovative ideas to assist patients and patient care.

Forum spotlights Māori nursing development
The Chief Nurse of the Ministry of Health, Dr Jane O’Malley, will speak at a national nursing workforce development forum in Whakatāne on Thursday (5 November).

Extra targets could be key to Māori health
Setting extra nationwide targets would go a long way to reduce gaps between Māori and non- Māori in health, a researcher says.

Call for change in addiction workforce
The national Māori health organisation Te Rau Matatini is calling for a shift in the way whānau who have been impacted by alcohol, drug misuse or problem gambling are dealt with.

Aucklanders needed for exclusive diabetes trial
A new study will test the effectiveness of a one-off treatment for type 2 diabetes.
The Complement trial is a study taking place in five different centres in New Zealand, including Middlemore Hospital and Auckland City Hospital.

New panel to advise on palliative care services
Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says a new expert panel will provide advice to the Ministry of Health on palliative care services for adults.
"Palliative care is a priority for the Government and we are keen to ensure high quality and well-coordinated care is available to all who need it," says Dr Coleman.

Aged care

Dementia myths busted by new research
While a majority of respondents are fearful of the disease, Dementia remains misunderstood
head of the New Zealand Dementia Summit which opens in Wellington on Thursday, independent research commissioned by health and care provider Bupa shows New Zealanders are concerned about a condition they don’t fully understand.


'I don't believe people should have to beg for their lives'
Cancer is New Zealand’s leading cause of death, killing around 9000 people a year.
The number of New Zealanders with cancer is rising steadily - as is the number of desperate patients who have resorted to asking strangers to help pay for expensive treatments that could save their lives

DHBs and PHOs

Exhaustion woes at hospitals
Frontline workers at Auckland District Health Board are complaining of under-staffing, exhaustion and unpaid overtime.
The Herald on Sunday has obtained a Safe Staffing Healthy Workplace report, which includes nine recommendations for change.

Mental health

Canterbury residents 'most vulnerable' five years after the quakes
Mental illness rates are soaring as Canterbury enters the "most vulnerable point" in its post-earthquake recovery.
The Canterbury District Health Board's top clinicians say more children are presenting with "fear and anxiety" as the region grapples with the aftermath of the 2010-11 earthquakes.

Public health

New Zealand’s “shameful” respiratory disease rates demand a national response
Respiratory disease is New Zealand’s third leading cause of death costing the country $5.5 billion annually but the human cost to New Zealanders doesn’t stop there, says Asthma Foundation Chief Executive John Wills.

Work and management

Managing unsafe, unethical and troubling conduct of healthcare colleagues
A reader recently posted a question that may be an all-too-familiar experience in your everyday practice.
A new nurse who is the only RN in a small community ED (two other in-patient RNs are available for assistance) has observed troubling conduct on the part of an ED physician.

How to make the most of a nursing conference
Attending nursing conferences is a powerful way to accumulate knowledge, expand your network and reinvigorate your career with inspiration, information and fellowship with other nurses.

Articles of interest

Deaf culture: Competencies and best practices
Abstract: To successfully navigate in the hearing world, deaf individuals must be able to read and write to bridge the gap when others do not know American Sign Language. Unfortunately, 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents and do not develop language skills early on, which negatively impacts their ability to access health information and healthcare. Healthcare providers must ensure they provide culturally competent care and their practices accommodate the needs of deaf patients to mitigate communication barriers and ensure equitable care with positive health outcomes.

Professional development

Public Health Summer School 2016
Registration is now open for the 2016 Public Health Summer School.  A range of short courses are available.
When: 1-19 February 2016
Course Length: 1-3 days
Where: University of Otago, Wellington Campus - Newtown
Visit their website for more information and to register. 

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