Conference 2019 ®Evolution

10-12 April 2019

Marlborough Region
New Zealand

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Jessica Irvine NP Child & Youth Health

Jessica Irvine NP Child & Youth Health

Jessica Irvine, NP Child/Youth Health & Sexual/Reproductive Health

Jessica registered as a NP in 2015 and practices in a variety of clinical settings across the top of the South Island. She works at INP Medical Clinic in Nelson, an independent sexual and reproductive health clinic providing care for men, women, and gender diverse people. Jessica also works in Urgent Care and a VLCA General Practice.


Title: "Managing unexpected pregnancy... Exploring the options for women, together with women."

Lucy Halsey (NP Intern) and Jessica Irvine (NP)

Management of pregnancy care and in particular,  referrals for termination of pregnancy has traditionally been the domain of doctors.

Our experience is that Nurse Practitioners are well placed to provide holistic care for women who are considering termination as an option for unplanned pregnancy.
Essential is the ability to care and support women without influencing their decisions, whilst providing safe environment to explore options of care with them.
The referral process for termination requires time, a balance of sensitivity, sound clinical judgement and excellent organisational skills.

We will share what has worked well for us, including conversations with clients, investigations and diagnostics, clinical considerations for referrals and followup. We will also present findings from our termination of pregnancy clinical audit to discuss the implications of ongoing care.

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