Conference 2019 ®Evolution

10-12 April 2019

Marlborough Region
New Zealand

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David Garland NP Ophthalmology

David Garland NP Ophthalmology

David Garland NP Oohthalmology

David Garland has been working in the area of ophthalmology for more than 15 years and nurse practitioner for 18 months.

He works in a variety of settings in ophthalmology: medical retina, cornea, uveitis and glaucoma. He is working towards establishing a diabetic retinopathy clinic in collaboration with the diabetes service to better meet the needs of these patients.

Enjoying a tipple of wine now and again he is looking forward to the conference in Blenheim with its not small number of wineries within easy reach.



Title:  The aging  population causing blow out in managing chronic ophthalmic particularly Aged related macular degeneration and Diabetes

This presentation will talk about two major conditions affecting the ophthalmic services across the country.  It will include discussion on AMD and Diabetes on the eye with classic symptoms to watch for.  We will discuss the  management for these conditions and the role that PHC in both these conditions.

Discussion will include how the NP role and senior nursing roles is impacting on the management of these conditions.

Areas of Interest