The College of Nurses Aotearoa (NZ) provides a forum for critical inquiry into professional, education and research issues relating to nurses and to the achievement of equitable outcomes for health consumers. The College of Nurses Aotearoa (NZ) acknowledge Te Tiriti o Waitangi as the foundation document of this nation and this, therefore, underpins all activities undertaken by the College of Nurses Aotearoa (NZ).



Vision logoThe College of Nurses Aotearoa (NZ) aims for professional excellence in nursing practice and health care delivery, underpinned by negotiated relationships. This will be achieved through the support of nurses and their ongoing professional development to enable: 1) innovatory health service delivery and 2) the development of models of care with the aim of creating 100% Access and Zero Disparities.


How Does This PLan work?

Nurses as the key members of the health care team, work in a range of settings delivering nursing services to diverse population groups. The many challenges and opportunities inherent in the current health care environment demand a planned and tactical approach. Building on from previous strategic plans, the current 3 year plan outlines directions the Board considers important to members, policy makers and health care consumers.





  • Workforce development is a critical challenge for the health sector
  • An effective nursing workforce is essential for delivering health care to New Zealanders and for reducing inequalities in health
  • Nursing services should be seen as a resource rather than a cost


  • Competent and effective registered nurses / Nurse Practitioners working within models of care that make the best use of the full extent of their education and training.

Key objectives:

  • Support primary health care and aged care nursing workforce
  • Support ongoing Nurse Practitioner employment
  • Address the elimination of all barriers to full use of the nursing workforce
  • Identify and nurture leaders amongst College membership and elsewhere within the profession
  • Foster and support the aspirations of Māori nurses.  Contribute to HWNZ goal Māori nurse workforce and population parity by 2028

Key Actions:

  • College mentoring process
  • Portfolio support
  • Increased utilisation of e-portfolio
  • Professional Support project - College Supervision & Mentoring process




  • Nurses contribute to policy development through their roles as analysts, researchers, academics, consumer advocates and clinicians
  • Nurses should be full partners in health service design
  • Health disparities are unfair and unjust


  • The College, through it’s members provides leadership, critical advocacy and contributes to national health and socio-economic policy

Key objectives

  • Build and maintain and build strong interdisciplinary relationships
  • Explore or maintain consumer alliances
  • Promote the use of evidence and research to inform policy decisions addressing health disparities
  • Identify and support College members on key decision making and policy development forums

Key Actions:

  • Membership NNOgroup
  • Forging relationship with NZMA
  • Submission writing
  • Membership all key committees of influence
  • Close engagement with Chief Nurses Office/Nursing Council
  • Develop a stakeholder engagement framework
  • Strong relationship with HWNZ




  • The College of Nurses makes a useful contribution to the health sector and the profession of nursing


  • The College continues to utilise its strength and maximise its growth through effective use of resources

Key objectives

  • Engage Fellows and members in the implementation of the strategic activities of the College.
  • Market and promote the College
  • Develop the College's political and media profile
  • Meet the needs of members for professional support and engagement

Key Actions:

  • Course and workshop endorsement
  • Marketing
  • Relationship with Nursing Review
  • Membership growth
  • Succession planning
  • Maintaining Nursing Praxis in New Zealand
  • Supervision, mentoring and e-portfolio services
  • Web based membership support resources
  • Linking Maori nurses to College Kaupapa

Areas of Interest